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I.T. Reviews Projects
System Integration / Update – BAS – Case Study
BAS and Why You Should Have It
Irrigation – BAS – Case Study
Cooling Plant – Hvac – Case Study
Power Savings – BAS – Case Study
Lighting – BAS – Case Study
Load Shead - HVAC - Case Study
Camera Install – IT – Case Study
Heartbleed, what do I as a user need to do?
The Death of XP?!?
Cloud Security, How Safe is it?
How secure is text messaging today?
Should I Jailbreak or Root my Portable Device and or Phone?
BitCoin, Love it or Hate it
Why Online Passwords Are Always Stolen
CryptoLocker Version 2 - Terrorism, Ransom-ware and Hijacking on the Internet Gone MAD
The Joke of Facebook: Update
Social media and very poor customer service
Old PC's, Microsoft's Political Agenda and what the Average User can do about it.
Future of Driving
Hosting Your Own Web Site, or not
Goodbye Public Phone Booths
Antivirus Nightmares of Today
XBOX One Backward Compatibility
Radio Shack, Bankruptcy and Marketing Data Loss
Camera Install – IT – Case Study
Raspberry Pi Weather Station w/LCD Display – Project – Case Study
Web - Site Design - Dynamic Vs. Static
DNS Servers - Embedded SOC
Time for a new Project
BLCOMP New Ideas
New Updates to our Web Page (Updated)
Web Site Projects (Updated)


News Request A Quote Twitter Title-275x100
Seasons Greetings from the Staff at BLCOMP Inc.
Email Viruses don't have to be clicked anymore
New Year, New Web Page Front
A New Year and a New Home Page
Site Down - Temporally
BLCOMP and New Anti SPAM Laws
Is Tape Still Better than HDDs or SDDs?
Powdered Alcohol, The Rebuttal
Google Glass Coming Soon to a Police Car Near You
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